Drishti Power Yoga

Drishti Power Yoga is a heated Vinyasa hot yoga studio with the goal of empowering people both physically and mentally. Since they are a young company, they chose Silas Creative to help them create a logo and develop a brand image that would connect with their customers.


From Square One

We are always excited to have the chance to build a brand from the ground up. It allows us to use our creative side to its fullest and create something truly unique. We started with the logo. Many steps go into creating a logo, starting with discussions of the owner's vision and ending with a final product.

Exploring Shapes

Once we reach the design stage, we always start by sketching out a variety of options. It begins with the shape, and we craft a sample sheet for the client to choose from. We also experiment with different typefaces that we think will best communicate the company's vision.

Exploring Color

At the base level, every logo must look stunning in either black or white. Luckily, in the digital world, in most cases we can showcase the logo in full color. We explored many different color schemes to find one that worked visually and demonstrated the brand's values.

Web Development

Creating the Customer Experience

As with most yoga businesses these days, their primary point of contact with the customer is online. For this reason, we wanted to ensure that the website we created not only looked impressive but functioned effortlessly. We made it easy for customers to learn about the studio, see the programs, and schedule their first class.

From The Client

"I have been working with George Silas and Silas Creative on my business website and brand since 2010! I highly recommend George Silas for his website and brand design expertise. George has repeatedly brought my brand and business concepts to the web quickly and cost effectively while implementing a high-end product. He is exceptionally easy to work with, conscious of client billing and savvy about the consumer impact of your web design. George is also very collaborative and brings new concepts and ideas to the table when something begins to feel outdated in the rapidly evolving web world. I trust him implicitly to manage the web concepts of my business."

Christine Aspen
Owner, Drishti Power Yoga
Luco Farms